Another Unnecessary Unholy Two Gif

If you're in one of the many scenes holding benefit concerts for the Letha Melchior Rodman Cancer Fund, you should probably go (as well as buy as much Dan Melchior music and art as you can) -- as it may just result in a historic occasion. Alright, so maybe history wasn't made, but in this young year, and in a Columbus that can't seem to rouse itself out of a winter mentality (even when there isn't a winter), it was quite a magical night. The call to help the Melchiors was first made by El Jesus De Magico (read my recent interview with the band here), who decided to "reunite" or simply jam for the cause -- then came the call for support. I'm not going to go into details, but between Psandwich, a seemingly reinvigorated Guinea Worms, a transcendent voyage from El Jesus, and a nihilist (not to mention sonically controversial) nightcap from the Unholy Two, it was the finest Friday of music I've seen in this city in quite some time. Of course, these are all bands/dudes/friends I've believed in for years, but for some reason this gathering went above and beyond.

 Don't believe me? Thanks to the thankless efforts of Mr. Sperry you can find all of that night's sets right here. I suggest listening to that January 27th in full -- to get the full effect. Keep it up Columbus.

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