Beach Talk - The Tree of Snakes Finale?

Despite what you read here, I don't get out of the house much, so making my way down to Bernie's Distillery for Tree of Snake's last show (?) took some finagling, but it soon became commandment. I kinda needed the stench, the glory, the mayhem, of seeing one of the finest bands in Columbus' history say goodbye. Really, F-U-N, is a three-letter word most don't bandy around in normal conversation, at least the purest definition of the word. I can honestly say, that's pretty much all that Tree of Snakes provide. Like our own Ramones. Our own Black Lips, without the pissing in the mouth pretensions (and infinitely catchier, no less). Lessons learned? When life hands you lemons, don't make lemonade, "Grab Another Beer." Nothing comes in handier than a "Trusty Swordfish." And be thankful, no matter what your dead-end job may be, at least you're not an "Alligator Dentist."

I'm no videographer, but this captures the anarchy that prevailed. I've spent many an hour in the decrepit hellhole that is Bernie's, vowing never to return with each visit (the holes in between become longer every time). The whole show I was hoping the crowd would piece by piece destroy this institution once and for all. Joints were passed, bottles broken, kids hanging from the plumbing, naked Jason being naked; Why couldn't we end it right then and there? It would've have been glorious if Bernie's were no more after this night. I don't care who plays there in the future, I'm never going back.

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