Panda Bear - Person Pitch

Glorious existential bliss. Person Pitch could be looped for days and I would never tire of Noah’s endless harmonizing, endless waves of melody, and endless summer inside the machine. A new wave hippie that has persevered.



M.I.A. - Kala

This one's kinda like Psychedelic Horseshit, in that there's not much more that I can say. I've tried many times to describe what I feel whilst listening to Kala but nothing comes close. A colleague of mine called it "omni-pop" and that's really that closest conclusion I can come to. If we reduce everything that's good in the world right now -- (the slow resurrection of Fela, the re-issue of all that's good in Brazilian musics, the uprising of Bmore, Blaqstarr, Mad Decent, Diplo, Switch, Rye-Rye, Mr. Devro, and all these wonderful things I've been linking to all year) -- it might get close. This album never fails to raise my spirits.


LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

There are reasons I don't want to include the LCD in my top ten -- they seem lazy (replicating their debut almost to a fault), they're not even remotely hip (in terms of aesthetic), and they've fallen on almost every list I've read so far. So why do I still feel indebted? Is it James Murphy's second-life, comeback, triumph (R.I.P. Six Finger Satellite, one of my most beloved bands of the 90's)....?

No. Not at all. And Mr. Murphy would not want to dwell on that past. Or even the last LCD effort, or even last year. He's a perfectionist first and foremost. And though he's a prolific label-man secondly (through his now-oft-neglected DFA Records) he still funnels every bit of his quitodian life into his music, and for that Sound of Silver is a flawless hurdle. Seeing this live was enough. Hearing it over and over after said concert was complete...was a revelation. He's concentrated all the hipster forms of electronica, dance, and standard rock, into one overwhelming force. Try and not dance, shake your head, or mouth his easy to comprehend/understand lyrics. In LCD land every night is a party at the center of Manhattan, if you want it or not.


Justice - †

Hard to find a party starter that is a solid as Justice (but we'll get to that). The only reason this doesn't eclipse Mr. James Murphy's LCD is experience. While the debut by the Ed Banger Illuminati is exhilarating and above all else a fun trip, it lacks in songwriting. As a ephemeral piece of 2007 though, nothing will top it. SRSLY, take Daft Punk's Discovery and times it by a thousand.


Times New Viking - Presents the Paisley Reich

I pledge allegiance. Join the Shitpop Revolution now...or be left behind. This is simply cocking the trigger in an ongoing saga. Maybe even just loading the pistol? Get to know them better here.


Radiohead - In Rainbows

I know what you're saying...This album needs no more press...but it's been quite a while since Radiohead has thrilled me (see the Bends tour, with David Gray opening at the Cleveland Agora). Sure, I was smitten with OK Computer and perplexed with the experimental duo of full-lengths that followed, but could only manage a yawn beyond that. In Rainbows came late one night, for free (but that's beside the point), and without warning. I'm pretty sure that the band knew they had a monster on their hands or else it all wouldn't have happened this way, it ebbs and flows with the finest releases of this year. Radiohead is fully aware of the corners of rock that they must re-establish and save. Could it be the closest thing to Pink Floyd our generation has experienced? OK. With the advent of computers, I'll accept that.

Henceforth...The lush atmosphere and lilting melodies In Rainbows pours over the listener is enough for a decade or more.


Skeletons and the King of All Cities - Lucas

Lucas is a record that made much more sense months ago. I'm trying to imagine a fully realized version of all those Olivia Tremor Control excursions, only with an ear towards the Soft Machine, African High-Life, Tropicalia, and Danny Elfman -- instead of 60's nostalgia. Envision an orchestra balancing on a unicycle. Perhaps I need to take a few months off to research Sun Ra?


Liars - Liars

Fitting that a band that was becoming too art-rock for their own good (i.e. letting Berlin get the best of them), would surprise the world by removing the art from the equation. Still this record is dark and engaging as the band's most puzzling work, but twice as catchy, twice as heavy. The most intriguing thing about this, a self-titled work, is that they chose to pull out all the Wire and This Heat references this far into their evolution -- a sign that this is a band that is in complete control (both creatively and professionally) of their future/fuhrer.



Gui Boratto - Chromophobia

I'm not a techophobe -- never have been. But I'd say this is the first year where I've embraced the electronic genre with open arms. Blame it on my time with Stylus or blame it on the micro-masterpieces of minimalism from The Field, Pantha Du Prince, Deepchord, Burial, and locally by Deathly Fighter, but I've become accustomed to finding truth within circuits and loops.

The title of this one suggests that this Brazilian composer has a fear of color -- within the cold and calculated structures that may be true -- but Boratto reveals human errors, a human hand that allows cracks through which vibrancy flows. Of all the brilliant releases this year, Chromophobia sounds the most organic, a prism through which all forms of melody are welcome even when traditionally shunned.



Psychedelic Horseshit - Magic Flowers Droned

I'm not sure if there's really anymore I can spew about this record that wasn't addressed here. All I can say is that the Horseshit boys, should they cum in your area (now with extra-pinkness), are probably onto a whole 'nother batch of songs. These here continue to puzzle and amaze and make me shake my head in total fucking agreement. Not a better pop record made this year besides Ms. Brittany Spear's tantric-future-funk masterpiece, Blackout. Recognize.


The Year in Records Two Ought Ought Seven

Since there's not much left on the new releases front and I'm huddled inside master-minding a perfect year-end list for the public to peruse (my brother claims he will not make a list, but he's already "list"ed off his favorite 7"s of the year). I don't find the harm in such lists, in fact I love reading my favorite critics picks, and predicting how many magazines will laud over what (to me) is a fairly mediocre The National record.

So the programming here will change for the next few weeks. I will be pulling the fine-toothed comb through quite a hairy year of music. Not only will I keep you on edge, slowly leaking out the year's best records from 10-1 (imho), but I'll find some other worthy categories to indulge you with-- including 2007's "unheard" and "neglected" albums. As always, I encourage your comments as they pour. Please Pour. Regular rants and Made-Rite sandwiches will continue into the new year.