Skullfucking with Prosanctus Inferi

Chrome Leaf has always been a main contributor to the thriving local metal scene, even though their catalog is scant. Being the guys who put out Deadsea's brilliant Desiderata is enough clout in my book. They could shut the door tomorrow and I'd be appeased. Thankfully they're promising greater happenings in 2008, branching out worldwide with a release from Australia's Portal and an upcoming LP of "armegeddon necrokang diy hardcore punk" from Black Dove -- much, much to look forward to. But for now the order of the day is this creepily incredible one-sided long player from Prosanctus Inferi. Sacreligious Desecration in Excelsis from all the research on the band that I can gather, is a demo, but should not be treated as such. This is bludgeoning. I've not spent much time in the black metal underground, but I can fairly say this is inventive and brutal, something I'm physically scarred to put on some nights. The ultra-cryptic liner notes provide enough mystery, I'm not sure if I need a proper bio.

"Ejaculated on 12.25.06 in utter mockery for divine procreation by a harlot, in a barn, amongst beasts of burden."

Could it be from Trondheim, Helsinki, Antwerp....heck I'd even guess San Fran since the guys at Aquarius Records have made it the make-shift black metal capital of the world. They green-light any record with an illegible logo and a Scandinavian address. But this is from Columbus by way of Zanesville (a quaint, working-class, panoramic town covered in soot), and there the sediment of the Muskingum River that runs through it must be as thick as the smoke of a burning Christian church.

Like fellow labelmates Deadsea, the duo of J. Kohn ("infester of sacred dream and voice") and S. Mercer ("martial marriage of cruciated vanquish") formerly of Vomitrocity, are a metal bouillabaise. Death, grind, speed, a bit of unwanted but necessary hick Pantera obsession, all presented in a quick, seamless, punishing fury. It's all intercut with bells from a Catholic mass and Gregorian chants, and a deep appreciation of the classics, be it Deicide, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, or Venom. In moments it might even go beyond that. How serious they are about their Satanic claims? Who knows, but who cares? I'm just preparing my skull for two sides from this crew. Advance to Morrisound Studios, collect total fucking destruction.

There were only 100 of these beauts pressed and rumour has it they're just about gone. Get one while you still can. This is essential soul crushing vinyl.

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Chrome Leaf said...

Soon to be repressed. Thanks for the write up, Kevin.