The Countdown Begins...

I've been tempted the last few days to keep my regular posts alive. Something about Polvo nostalgia (coming soon), something about Cheveu (I missed the show but I'll see them six times this week, and I've listened to the album non-stop), but the only thing on my mind is the Siltbreeze Showcase coming up this Thursday.

So, in an effort to get every single person attending SXSW to cram themselves into the Soho Lounge I must use my patented hyperbole to pimp what might be the center of the SXSW "shitpop" universe this week. The Siltbreeze Showcase is nothing short of brilliant. Like Michelle Obama said two weeks ago it's the first time I've ever felt proud to be an American (or an Australian, or a Mexican, but alas Los Llamarada won't make it to the U.S.A. till Friday (go see them anyways).

The Line-Up:

8:00 - Ex-Cocaine from Missoula, MT

8:40 - Blues Control from Brooklyn, NY

9:20 - Naked on the Vague from Melbourne, AUS

10:00 - Eat Skull from Portland, OR

10:40 - Mike "Rep" Hummel from Harrisburg, OH

11:20 - Psychedelic Horseshit from Columbus, OH

12:00 - XNO BarbequeX from Sydney, AUS

12:40 - Pink Reason from Parts Unknown

1:20 - Times New Viking from Over the Edge, CA

Hopefully I'll get some free records out of the deal. Till' then, if you're in the Denver Airport tomorrow round 3 PM, I'll meet you at the freak lounge for drinks.

Check here regularly for up to the minute SXSW news, spews, pictures, and rumours about your favorite stars. Thus starts another fucking adventure.

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