Early Shows and the Starbaskets

I’m not sure it mattered who played last Sunday night at the Boo Boo, cause it was an early show - an excuse to curl up in the remaining sunlight at 7 p.m. with a Bulleit and water, a few friends, not too many lot lizards, and lil’ bro being peanut. I was on the trail towards bed around 10, just buzzed enough to roll the window completely down, and satiated in Sunday rock religion.

it just so happened that Jerusalem and the Starbaskets , a duo from Columbia, Missouri, were playing -- spreading the gospel from the Ozark foothills. Spiritual, droning, slacker blues – they drifted through The Howling like nomads through the Badlands, some roads dusty and bruised, the longer ones barren, endless, stretched to a hazy horizon. I’ve been slagging the latest Dead Meadow record simply because I find it boring, grinding into a backwoods niche is fine, just don’t put me to sleep. If you’re going to dig deep in those roots, those Mississippi River or Appalachian Post-Church or Primal Stonehenge hymns, tossing in banjo and porch clap for authenticity, you’d better dirty it up, walk in high waters, overalls and muck boots. “Steeple Against the Sky” is grungy, dirt-pop, sewing the pair of Jeremy and Kim together into a brittle cocoon of exuberance. At album’s end, the live performance of “Everybody’s Dig Accounted For,” they wind up a lengthy, psych-tinged bummer. The Sun and the Dawn, indicative of a night spent with them. Brightback Morning Light might have recorded the purest rays of the prism with Rhodes and reversed ascension, the Starbaskets are the crystals shattered, picked through, amplified, and treasured.

This isn't so much about the The Howling, a late-night stunner btw (which you can purchase at the aforementioned Myspace link) as it is how Jerusalem and the Starbaskets make for perfect Sunday music, replacing the cracking Steely Dan LPs, that's a good place to be.

Look in the Mirror. More Sunday shows please.

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