What's French for NonPlussed?

If you're a reader, you know I'm not a stranger to the percolating pop sounds of the future -- I've recently been hipped again to Jane Child's "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" (what a great song, remember the nose-to-ear-ring?), and incessantly infatuated by Cut Copy's flawless In Ghost Colours (fucking brilliant btw), but have laid my cards with the genre-hopping world of M.I.A. and Santogold as the path towards religious devotion. It was raining in Paris my first time there, so I'm not to hitched on the whole Ed Banger revolution (save that Justice album) or anything Gallic that morphs the entire Daft Punk template. Uffie can relax. She's not of French decent and I'm positive someone's gonna' make her official debut magentic (a promise?).

Yelle, who the hellknows what that translates into (french majors?), is the Western European entry into the cannon of eclectic dance (no longer ironic dance, nor intelligent dance, or electro-clash). What I'm hearing is a girl at constant odds with the producer. The music could stand on its own -- a deft re-interpretation of hyper-active synth pop, be it New Edition or the aforementioned Jane Child, NU SHOOZ, The Jets. Plenty of retro atari-core, breakdance, street funk (Crystal Castles, Chromeo). Methinks nothing is ironic in this studio, putting everything in the mix, be it the nostalgic vocoded bounce of Zapp or the bubblegum simplicity of Shanice, the 808 stylings of hip-hop's golden age. The results much closer to Xuxa than Arular. And in the present day, such fantastical escapism is warranted (as evidence, her cheeky videos), to the point that it seems vital in any pop artist's resume. That she continues to sing in French is a definite bonus, a turn-on, surrealisms. Not sure if Coachella audiences felt the immediate neon puncture of her music though. Pop Up, her debut is a record that adheres to nonsense more than anything else, the strands of rememberance, where fake horns and skittered beats, and unintelligible non-sequiturs ruled the airwaves. Too bad America is xenophobic (or at least Franco-phobic, due to the current administration). Yelle's never going to fly here.

I recommend "Je Veux Te Voir".

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