Poolside with Favela on Blast

Yeah Yeah Yeah. All I seem to do is hype up Diplo. This week it's appropriate -- not only will he be debuting his Major Lazer dancehall duo with Switch, but he'll be impresario/chaperone for next-big-Maya, Rye Rye, .....AND premiering Favela on Blast (in North America) at the film festival. I've been wanting to see this ever since I heard over a year ago he was doing this. In October it screened for the first time in Rio, so I was hoping to score a bootleg on the street during my recent visit to the city (with no luck). Funny, down there no one had even heard of such a thing, but they knew of three or four parties a night that they could sneak me into stealth. My greatest moment of the trip occured when we were getting gas between two particularly bumping favelas -- I've still yet to go to one, but being in the middle sure felt like I was there. Next time I might just go solo. Until then I can live vicariously through the proibido funk CD-Rs I did score and the seamless mixes Diplo has made and inspired his film. This is quintessential Poolside. If you see the guy, beg him to get this out on DVD pronto.

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