Ipps (Tape)

IPPS.Uggah. There’s therapy in “Yr Thick,” a Sunday afternoon reggae attempt where all the liquor bottles are broken on the floor already and no one seems to give a damn. The Davis couple (2/5 of Necropolis) held a BBQ and subverted the entire Columbus discography in the CDR vaults-party room with pukey sunshine and more broken liquor bottles, maybe some downers. This doesn’t sound like a suicide of last sips mind you -- it’s kind of a new beginning. The other vowel-less song here “Wr Dead,” will submit you to a very familiar narcotic slumber, drones and all. Who’s for sure if this is a knee-jerk to the Necropolis stasis or simply a way to kill the boredom? I’m not calling a Necropolis stasis here, they kind of started it all (i.e. CDR) and their underground game-plan (for that scorching Hackled Ruff follow-up) is respected with the utmost secrecy and discern. So if you love Necropolis you’ll not be surprised that Ipps frequently run off the rails, though most of the time in slow-motion. Especially In the case of “Bluebirds Over the Mountain” a slurred blues last-call.

There’s nothing to prove in the extended nyquil jam of “Go Away,” that’s the charm (or sedative) of Ipps – to drown out “that other noise.” This is a “home” project, maybe cooked in the kitchen for all I know, maybe seriously getting some steam for all I know. For all I know, I have yet to see this live, and for that please forgive my sin (old age?). There is a spiritual connection with Ipps as I listen to the “tape” on the same “pioneer” I would have listened to them on be it 1995-99. We need more tapes.

Looks like they're playing June 20th at the Summit on an excellent bill -- both the Strange Boys and Mika Miko will be playing.

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