The Renaissance of Home

Last week I was blessed with some of the best news heard in quite some time. One of my all-time favorite bands from the indie era -- Home -- overlooked and underrated as they've been much of their existence -- is returning again.

Back when Sexteen was released -- two years ago -- I wrote a pretty lengthy piece on all of their albums up to that point. The announcement last week, while introducing the world to Seventeen, was bigger than I could imagine. They've just released Home I through Home VIII -- tapes that were nothing more than myth in the mid-90s, a box-set of memories I was promised many times but never received. I actually remember buying a $30 import disc of "selections" from the box-set from Mondo Kim's in NYC, just to get a taste. Now, at $14.99 this is a steal. That's a good four hours of music -- I'm still sifting through it all.

Seventeen is being released by Brah in January, and the band has planned some live show in celebration of this monumental occasion. Look for full reviews of both over at the Agit-Reader soon.

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chip said...

I'm always so confused by how sometimes we have nearly identical tastes while at other times are tastes couldn't be farther apart. I stumbled upon Home's "Gulf Bore Waltz" at Johnny Go's back in the mid-90s for a buck or two and probably picked it up per a recommendation by Mr.Dannemiller. I recently listened to it for the first time probably since the week I bought it and loved it.