Psychedelic Horseshit Present Shitty Sundays...

And these Shitty Sundays are beyond the climax of the release of Laced, the eventual follow-up to the modern masterpiece, Magic Flowers Droned. Shitty Sundays, which can be found in their entirety here, are merely a continuation to Laced. The future, before we even reach it. The guy (Mr. Horseshit) writes songs (has grand ideas) as we consume. Laced is already the past. Very much the past.

....but, we need to first talk about Laced. There have been enough PHS recordings released to fill two full records, but, Mr. Horseshit is never content. And even if Laced sounds complete, and sounds like a complete metamorphosis, it's the past.

You can see it in Matt Horseshit's irenic interviews, his increased awareness in Laced's game-changing aesthetics, the "see I told you so" attitude that is embedded in every groove of this record. "I Hate the Beach," which was born years ago, explains it all. In this one song PHS are finally imagineering the sonic theme park the band has always wanted to frolic about. There are cascades of waves overbearing simple riffs, cliffs, valleys, and craggy caves of reverb, jungles of static, apocalypse dancefloors, ambient cloud farms, and antidemocratic synapses in the collective mind of the underground music listener. Is this real life? I can't recommend your purchase of this album enough. Shitty Sundays, however, are free.

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