When Nash Were Young


In remembering 84 Nash...trying to piece together the best possible setlist to represent what we did for 10+ years, has been a great chore in the last few weeks since deciding we'll be getting back together. For one show at least. Well, in digging, Andy found this, well-known (at least by three of us) leftover from the Band For Hire sessions. "Sirens Going Steady." I, for one, am extremely excited to shake off the rust, because, just not for nostalgia's sake, I know there's plethora of songs like this sitting dormant that you all (who remain interested) need to hear. And for those who aren't in the know, I honestly feel there's an album worth of "quality" and "innovation" and simply pure "Nash Pop" that has yet to be discovered. Believe it. This is just a taste. It's a little quiet, but I suppose that's just lo-fi (or that it's culled from the original demo cassette of Band For Hire).

84 Nash - Sirens Going Steady

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