Unfinished Rainbows' First Voyage

A few Sunday's back, there were possibly ten people (at most) milling around my favorite new bar in Columbus, Double Happiness, waiting around for Jerusalem and the Starbaskets to play their cheery-yet-ragged psych-pop and Sundown to get Americana-kosmiche. Surveillance footage managed to catch a glimpse of Unfinished Rainbows (playing to about 3) droning to the max. UR is Matt Horseshit's multi-purpose psych-unit-destroyer. For 20 minutes or so he took us into the world that probably only gets played through headphones late at night. This is not anything resembling his other band -- it's a trip for several movements, spliced with samples, and soon lurching with death-sized beats. Sick. Be on the lookout for more Unfinished Rainbows performances, including one coming up in December with Radio People and NYC's Forma.

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