Beach Talk - Times La Tengo

Most of you know by now that Times New Viking have been on a whirlwind tour of the South and Midwest with arguably one of the greatest live bands of our generation (proof), Yo La Tengo. Little did I know they have their own little army of tape-trading devotees. Word from the road reports that the two bands have become life-long friends in swift time. The last few nights the trio has invited the other trio to end each show with an all-star, love-in, cover song (first one being the Clean's "Anything Could Happen"). So I'm pleading with the bootleggers to send a link of some recent shows, please? Regardless, I should be posting some highlights from the Monday night's performance in Newport, Kentucky. I'm imagining TNV's youth is making Ira and Georgia feel a bit like baby-sitters, but also forcing them to shed 20 years on stage. Having to routinely out-blast Jerrod Phillip's manic guitar melodies is not an easy feat.

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