Bjork Bjork Bjork

It's been quite a long, long, while since I've been this giddy about a new album on the horizon, but I must say I feel the same way about the May 7th release of Bjork's Volta, as I did back in tenth grade, the day my eventual band mates and I left school early to buy Nirvana's In Utero. I'm not sure if it's the list of collaborators, the wild aesthetic attached to it (very Post), or the promise found in "Earth Intruders," but I certainly didn't have the same fervor for Vespertine or Medulla. Here's hoping Volta lives up to my expectations and this creative explosion results in some partnership with someone like Matt Mehlman of Skeletons (who's as equally innovative) in the future. So to satisfy any near-psychotic obsessions with the Icelandic pixie, you can make her your friend here, and listen to a few "exclusive" tracks, or go here and watch her on Saturday Night Live (I'm almost positive that's Chris Corsano as her drummer?) or head here to watch the, as of today, unreleased video for the single (removed from many sites). I must say, I haven't witnessed an album this heavily guarded since the dawn of P2P software, it must be locked in a safe somewhere in center of Baghdad's Green Zone. Enough? No? I leave you with something vintage, my personal favorite....

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