The Power's Out in the Heart of Man

If you notice my posts in bunches, it's because I'm behind. Way behind. I had absolutely no power last week. Talk about primitive futures. The dark ages are coming, and the windstorm was just a little shadow, a little taste. Those Republicans sure are tricky. What a time to have a financial crisis and a power outage?

I guess this episode of South Park was spot-on.

What you see above is Tuesday night, a true 48 hours after the power was gone. Time to rid the fridge, meat was Monday. Cheese was next. Here's our recipe for some damn good Amish Queso Dip:

1 Grill
Half Block of Dutch Smoke Gouda
Half Block of Grass-Fed New Zealand Extra Sharp Cheddar
Full Block of Wisconsin Sharp Cheedar
3 Slices of Colby-Jack
3 Slices of Swiss
2 Slice of Kraft American Cheese for good Measure
3 Fresh Garden Jalepenos (from the Elliott-Zagatto Garden)
2 Cans of Cuban Style Black Beans

Grill with gas heat until cheese resembles a dip, and cans of beans start boiling.
Serve with lime, fresh tomatoes, and blue-corn tortilla chips.

I bought a house.

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