Eat Skull Caused the Windstorm?

At this point I had raided the OSU/USC soirée I was invited to, unknowing that I would rig the bill far above at least $30 in Maker's Mark. Honestly though, I wasn't the lush. I was watching the drinking for the concert to come.

That was Little Claw first. And it may have been drunkenness, but they sorta resembled some MBV JAMC hybrid headed monster. Not the skeletal spoke-punk I expected, instead a fully engaging experience. This was my first experience with Little Claw and I couldn't have been more enthused by what they were doing -- a constant hummmmmm that blocked any sense of reality around me. Enraptured, encompassed, encapsulated in their full-band drone.

But...But...they are rookies to Portland (PDX) and Eat Skull seemed poised to make the Carabar seem like the raining, green-vomit, clime they come from. There was nothing organized or structured about their set -- they're set in their ways, to pummel with songs already recorded -- "Seeing Things," "I Licked the Spider," "Shredders on Fry" -- and crushing with a sound that no one has yet to hear. Those might be considered a stoner-metal pastiche that caters to Rob's organ-molded mind and between song mumbles. Even if it's traipsing through a decade or two of indie-rick'n'roll, they can easily hide aping. This ain't aping, there's a vision, they'd just rather rock than focus in on the nuances. Kooky and strange, they walk a line that verges on the comedic in their....uh....obvious aping, but redeem themselves in every hook and sweat-filled enthusiasm.

Yeah....at this point you can actually hear my drunkeness....and the quality is bad, but this song could transmit perfectly between two tin cans....

I feel obliged to mention the Horseshit in this post, only because this is a new era. Jared Phillips was on the bass. And I can't stress enough how this was the most focused and succinct Horseshit show I've ever seen. Why didn't I tape this?

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