TNV Survives Another UK Bash

Maybe it's just me but it seems like Times New Viking are becoming one of those bands who cause a frenzy overseas but can't catch a break over here? Perhaps it will all even out once the Stay Awake hits the market and the tour with Deerhunter becomes this year's LCD/Arcade Fire package. But in that meantime, the kids just got back from a successful romp over the pond and through the abbey with Los Campesinos and No Age. While the former might not seem like a worthy flatmate -- looks are deceiving, Gareth Campesino has the same acerbic wit packed into his psuedo-emo twee jams it's just stripped of the cathartic noise. His release is in words -- lots of 'em. And as for the latter, well they are a two-piece TNV minus the songs. Blissful fuzz bang-ups and atmospheric soundscapes tending to shred more than sing out.

It was Gareth who designed this whole tour -- the Shred Yr Face tour. And it was Drowned in Sound who sponsored it. In England they try really hard to make a big deal out of such things, with in-stores in every city, blogs and diaries, even a worthy souveneir to remember it by -- in the form of a three-headed 7" on which TNV do a boombox version of the Clean's "Anything Can Happen."

Check out the blog for various videos and interviews with your three favorite bands of right now. It all might be a bit too cute, but a jaunt through the site is time well spent and the memories and friendships made will probably compose a new Los Campesinos album by the end of the year.

Check Gareth singing "Pagan Eyes" with the kids...

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