Jay Number Six - The One That Got Away

I've been doing so well in my quest for complete Jay nirvana, a bit of resentment towards Matador for making me this bloodthirsty because now I have an overwhelming void in my heart and my collection of Jaywad singles. I can blame it on the windstorm because I had no power and most of Columbus had no internet the day I was supposed to stay glued to a frozen computer screen till I secured number six. I was about to drive 60 miles to the nearest internets outpost just to get one of these. There's anxiety in my stress-filled muscles now without this on my turntable. A certain brother promised to secure one in NYC (where 75% of these probably end up) but no dice. So anyone that feels charitable, and could spare one (for maket value no less) give me a ring.

That said. I've heard this. In fact I've heard them all in succession barring the final "bonus" song. And this is the bittersweet denouement of the series. "No Time" is the NZ scruff-pop being played from the toy aisle in a Memphis Dollar General, nylon strings and GBV fruit-loops only with a few more tracks than 4 -- dusty but clear headed, tired but ready to tackle what lies ahead. "You Were Sleeping" is again, a b-side superior, Jay's goodbye for now, a lullaby with whispered harmonies and atmosphere meted over what might be bongo-fueled campfire folk were it in the company of wolves. He's starting to show that he's just a wide-eyed kid with melodies overflowing in golden hues -- not the crust-punk he plays on TV. Maybe it took money and love and tours around the globe to pry that side out, because I'm assuming it's always been there just waiting to weep and smile. Can't wait to see how soft he can actually get, this is cream-puff but certainly not as sincere as he might be when he notices his first gray hair.

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Anonymous said...

Market Value. HAAAAA HAAAAA! I got the first 5 also and had my email sent within 10 seconds of the message and received no confirmation.I had my email ready to go before the time so...it was just amatter of how their server received the email. I had to buy one on Ebay but was happy to complete my collection. Although, with the different variations, Is it complete? I will trade ya if you got something really good,or, Just sell some items and turn the profit towards this. It is not too hard to get. and $80.00 isn't too bad.