Cribshitter >> Worst Name Ever?

I can get with Pissed Jeans or Drunk Driver or even Made Out of Babies, and the lot of hipster irony bands attempt when finding a name for what they do – but Cribshitter is a name I just can’t roll with. The imagery, the scatalogic reference, the abject humor, just isn’t my bag. So, if this Madison, WI (yes, the Madison discs pour in like an avalanche, and I’m a Vikings fan?) ever receives a inkling of notoriety, can we agree this is the worst band name ever? There was a Columbus group named Poophouse Reilly, but those kids never got out of the treehouse. Blame the name guys (the music was pretty fucking horrible as well, fitting).

Actually, this isn’t too different from that awful band – a quartet circle jerking around the Ween barrel, with a hot girl on tuba (is that a gimmick?). There’s a ton of genre-hopping on Cribshitter’s debut Cry a Little Rainbow, and some of it’s digestible, like the Spanish cover of “Oh Yoko,” or the band’s attempt at cutesy electro-folk, see “Jared is Different Around Girls” and “Will You Go With Me” – but then again the album’s a marathon thirty tracks with more than enough juvenile pranks (a botched attempt at “Hotel California”) to steer away from actual talent. Perhaps I’m being too harsh, but band’s gotta’ get with it, that name’s gotta’ go. Maybe it’s the association with the name that makes the music stink so much? Worst name ever.


Howie Feltersnatch said...

To answer your titular question, No, cribshitter is not the worst band name ever. That honor goes to "Jars of Clay".

Secondly, plenty of bands have contributed to the Ween circle jerk barrel and been better for it. I hear real potential here. My prediction; cribshitter's sophmore album will be less sophmoric and more terrific.

Anonymous said...

Actually these guys are pretty good. I've been to several shows and it was always entertaining, makes you laugh. Sometimes that's nice in a world of people who take themselves way too seriously. Ya gotta give the tuba player credit too. She plays a song called "I Got Hot Sauce on my Pussy"!

Anonymous said...

Just pronounce it like I heard the DJ on WORT pronounce it...Cribs Hitter.
"Doth the rose not smell as sweet?"