Medication - "Don't Die" b/w "Fog"

With what’s likely the last triplet of releases from the wonderful Hozac this year come three of the labels best offerings. One of those is def ending up on my Primitive Futures year-end list of artifacts and the other, the Subtle Turnhips is just flat-out spastic, but the last few days have been devoted to flipping this Medication 7” over and over again. It’s easy to get suckered into the distant loner-psych (see Yussuf Jeruselum, Jacob Olausson) this Connecticut one-man project webs in the attic (see pic). “Don’t Die” is near-traditional in the song’s resemblance to the bluesy-blotter Texas pioneers. Like Roky right before his first date, left out in the cold, clean-shaven, wearing his best shirt, stood-up, and pouring his misery into an ancient tape recorder. Sure there are a million and one doing this type of stuff, a proto-Greg Ashley/Gris Griss sketch and smoke – but the flip here is haunting stuff. “Fog” really gets under the craw with its skeletal Messthetics pulse. Too early to expect anything too mind-altering and fresh from Medication, but these two songs are giving me a reason to keep the lights on at 4AM on a weeknight.

I urge you to indulge and buy one of these before they’re gone – in the meantime get trenched at the mespace link above.

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