Daycreeper NOT a Band to Watch ? (Sad Emoticon)

Here in Columbus, the annual Bands to Watch ritual officially jumped the shark years ago. In 2008 I had a hard time thinking of any band deserving of such a title, and now it has become even harder. It’s obvious that Columbus is actually a thriving community of musicians with a laundry list of innovative and established bands, but there hasn’t been much in the way of blow-me-away moments in the past 12 months. And that’s not for a lack of trying – I’m not in the slightest a crusty old jaded local who doesn’t give the young a fair shake. I explored the clubs and the music, admired the twee-glory found in Karate Coyote (gruesome name though) and Super Desserts (disqualified, as they’re a super-group of sorts), but found nothing amounting to “worthwhile” (Main Street Gospel has been around for quite a long time, they don’t count yo). I’m not trying to make enemies here and nothing against the bands picked -- it’s a daunting task to make this list, lots of hurt feelings and nasty comments – but just looking over 2009’s “varied” list of entries, I’m hard-pressed to get very excited. It’s notably underwhelming, almost depressing, and enough proof that the BTW has run its course. Even Our Cat Phillip, as banal and Oberst-aping as they are, would have represented the city better.

I guess I’m so grumpy for the deletion of DayCreeper. Anyone who’s seen the trio would have likely put them on a short list for this year. Aaron Troyer is easily the city’s best songwriter since Matt Horseshit – only a bit more polished, nervous as a richter scale, and capable of fidelity-disabled, bluesy, stomp when it’s needed. As new as they are, they do qualify for whatever parameters would put them in this elite group – don’t make that excuse. And judging from the live shows I’ve seen recently, his chops are getting closer to white-hot with each new song he spits. Exile on High Street as played by a teenage Jonathan Richman, in the spirit of Pavement and others slightly bent. Whatever, it’s hard to get upset since the Alive went from “alternative weekly” to “lifestyle magazine.” Really, I was over all the sour grapes, until I saw this new tragedy unfold. Such a shame, such a shame.

Moving on…I could write endlessly about the Tuesday night Box Elders show, and how Matt Horseshit really doesn’t need a band anymore (he played “Negative World” by the way) because his solo shows are entrancing, and the robotic gnarl of Guinea Worms, but I’ll just focus on the problem at hand. DayCreeper getting the snub. Give credit where it’s due. Troyer pretty much killed it - playing last - while the hanger-ons were drunk and cajoling.

Need proof? New song...

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