Poolside with Stevie B.

I'm not here to convince y'all that Akon's "Right Now" is a wonderful song. It is, but it's more about how "Right Now" was the soundtrack to my recent Brazilian experience. That's the m.o. in the country, one song sticks and then plays infinitely for months on end. I couldn't escape a corner without hearing the sickly sweet and infectious chorus. It seemed to perfectly match the beaming sun, the quick, frenetic driving of my in-laws, and the electric pulse on the streets (at all times, in all places). I'm certainly in withdrawl, especially now back on the tundra. I miss that electricity.

But this isn't about Akon. It's about Stevie. B., poolside. Remember how I begged for some Latin Freestyle tips, knowing that it would put me in the right frame of mind? Well, I step into my cousin's new Rio apartment and start picking through a plastic bag of her cds. And she says, "I bet you want to listen to some Stevie B. ?" I couldn't refuse, it was a magical momement. The Brahma started to flow and the balcony was forced to withstand improvised dancing, while the neighborhood below absolutely bustled with that pulse again. It was Rio after all.

So though Stevie B. did do "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)" -- he was also responsible for "Spring Love" and this fly little hairdo....

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