Is This Fiery Furnaces' Best Yet?

This post, as all attached to the Agit-Reader, is to provide plenty of supplemental material to accompany my interview with Matt Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces. I've talked with the man before, years back, and he again becomes my favorite interview subject. It was a good thing his band have just put out one of their best records, or else we would've been talking about how to get back on the horse and get fans smiling instead of scratching their heads. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy head-scratching when listening to my music, but I've always thought the FF pop side was more intriguing. Below is the reason we all should be loving the Fiery Furnaces in first place. They may never reach the sugary heights of this first single, but they should definitely try.

During our lengthy conversation, which tends to become a infinite ramble after a while, we talked a lot about influence of Taxi on this record. Taxi has long been one of my favorite theme songs, and I think on this record the Friedberger's have done an amazing job in evoking the feeling I get when I hear that song. So I've added the Taxi intro for equal measure.

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