Maluca Going Live

We are now under six months until yet another SXSW. Hard to believe how time flies. One of my highlights from this past March was the unveiling of Diplo’s latest ingĂ©nue, the Dominican born, Brooklyn bred, Maluca. On stage at the Fader Fort she started the party by ripping through a set of island madness, a dance party complete with her set of dancers. Finally, now, with the release of her first single for Mad Decent, “El Tigeraso,” Diplo takes great strides in distancing the soft-spoken, bilingual diva from “the others.”

The track ups the bpms and consequently the energy – similar to baile funk in the horn-laden attitude and to Latin freestyle in throwback disco. But if anything this is your favorite DJ positing Maluca as ambassador of Soca (calypso with soul). While it won’t start a revolution, as it’s without any trademark hook, it will hijack the night into the upper rung of euphoria. Not sure what goes on “up on 182nd” but given Maluca’s sultry coo I’ll follow her anywhere. Like a sophisticated Lorna, or Lisa Lisa without the Cult Jam (her's is a one man cult jam). The girl’s a chatterbox on Twitter. Can’t wait for a full-length.

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