Bosa Mora - Idol Hopeful/Columbus Native

Just as news surfaced that Simon would be leaving American Idol I began severing all ties with my eight year love affair with this ubiquitous display of pop culture. Yes. I'm a fan. Yes. I sometimes weep when those with heartbreaking stories conquer and head to Hollywood, but I'm already thinking General Larry Platt's "Pants on the Ground was the climax of this season. I'm sick of the audition shows and just waiting for Hell Week when we'll get to see if Columbus native, Bosa Mora, will get any farther. The cards are kind of stacked against him -- he is slightly boring, with no flash or superstar traits -- but researching his career in music it's safe to assume he may have an in once the judges see his skill on the piano and guitar. He's an original composer, rare for the average contestants, so hopefully he can wow them with his own songs. Maybe so, maybe not. I liken his voice to that of the late Teddy Pendergrass -- he'll need to up the smooth operator motif is he wants to survive.

UPDATE: Bosa did not make through the first round of Hollywood week, but assures his fans, via the Columbus Dispatch, that you will eventually see his name in music one way or another.

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