Gucci's Monday Morning Quarterbacking

I'll admit to being a full-on virgin when it comes to Gucci, but in the course of a few mixtapes and one listen through this beauty I'm hooked. Of course, as learned on the pages of W.O.W., anything that Diplo touches is pure platinum in my book. I was almost engaged enough to his genius to declare M.I.A.'s Piracy Funds Terrorism mixtape the album of the decade (it's still one I listen to at least a few times a week). Well here Diplo takes a handful of tracks from Gucci's Cold War mixtape series, divvies them out to some of his favorite producers (Zomby, Memory Tapes, Flying Lotus, Salem), and then pieces it back together into an instant party jam as only Wes Pentz can do. The empire is being built. Get the whole thing for free here. Well worth the time to download. And it makes a nice case for the cadre of intelligent hoodlums tearing up Atlanta these days. Though I think Pitchfork missed the mark on their review of the Adult Swim: ATL RMX comp. I think it also sits on a pulse where hip-hop and a new generation of abstract thinkers intersect. It's not just bling and syrup....that's ingrained...there's also the future to think about.

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