Connections on Your Stereo

Now that I'm invested in a tirelessly inspiring new band, I'm sure the lackluster effort I put into updating this here blog will decrease even more. But it's fully worth it -- for my health and yours. I will however certainly be adding to the burger files and updating you on all things Connections -- that new band I've been talking about. There have been multiple versions of what Connections has sounded like over the last 2 years, countless songs on countless discs, but those are all gone now. The three shows we are playing in Columbus should show how much things have evolved since Gold Circle (apologies to the aggro Kent band who was somewhat upset we were using that name, oh well -- was my favorite department store). Recordings are in the the works -- but for now we kick off Young Professional Band Appreciation Week in Columbus with a special mix for all of you. No track list and no texting on the dancefloor.

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