Knockin' on Kevin's Door

I'm writing this in shaming myself for not going to "take-in" the new incarnation of Pink Reason for the third time last night. My mistake, but it was a school night. Still, what's become of Kevin Failure and Pink Reason is inspiring -- word of mouth reviews compares the new band to the Stones (I feel it can be achieved). And now, Mr. Failure lives right around the corner -- so seeing his constant shifts in full sight is something the denizens should not take for granted. One of those shifts is going from the moody immersion of his long players to the out-there concepts of his singles. The next chapter, or better yet footnote as chapters are heavier, is the Negative Guest List Jukebox Single recently released on Disordered. My review will sum up my agreeable thoughts on this anomaly. Anomaly, because the first side is chopped and screwed by Matt Horseshit and himself, giving the increasingly bizarre influence of dub more weight in today's world. Don't doubt out a whole album of this remixology. It's the b-side though that stuns. Failure and band's turn on Dylan is a stroke of genius because it fits Failure's strengths as an artist and performer like an airtight bio-hazard glove. Spooky in the recording's capture of such a pure moment. Find this. Wish I could post it here. For now, what I'm convinced is perhaps the 21st century's finest punk take:

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