LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

There are reasons I don't want to include the LCD in my top ten -- they seem lazy (replicating their debut almost to a fault), they're not even remotely hip (in terms of aesthetic), and they've fallen on almost every list I've read so far. So why do I still feel indebted? Is it James Murphy's second-life, comeback, triumph (R.I.P. Six Finger Satellite, one of my most beloved bands of the 90's)....?

No. Not at all. And Mr. Murphy would not want to dwell on that past. Or even the last LCD effort, or even last year. He's a perfectionist first and foremost. And though he's a prolific label-man secondly (through his now-oft-neglected DFA Records) he still funnels every bit of his quitodian life into his music, and for that Sound of Silver is a flawless hurdle. Seeing this live was enough. Hearing it over and over after said concert was complete...was a revelation. He's concentrated all the hipster forms of electronica, dance, and standard rock, into one overwhelming force. Try and not dance, shake your head, or mouth his easy to comprehend/understand lyrics. In LCD land every night is a party at the center of Manhattan, if you want it or not.

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