Radiohead - In Rainbows

I know what you're saying...This album needs no more press...but it's been quite a while since Radiohead has thrilled me (see the Bends tour, with David Gray opening at the Cleveland Agora). Sure, I was smitten with OK Computer and perplexed with the experimental duo of full-lengths that followed, but could only manage a yawn beyond that. In Rainbows came late one night, for free (but that's beside the point), and without warning. I'm pretty sure that the band knew they had a monster on their hands or else it all wouldn't have happened this way, it ebbs and flows with the finest releases of this year. Radiohead is fully aware of the corners of rock that they must re-establish and save. Could it be the closest thing to Pink Floyd our generation has experienced? OK. With the advent of computers, I'll accept that.

Henceforth...The lush atmosphere and lilting melodies In Rainbows pours over the listener is enough for a decade or more.

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