The Year in Records Two Ought Ought Seven

Since there's not much left on the new releases front and I'm huddled inside master-minding a perfect year-end list for the public to peruse (my brother claims he will not make a list, but he's already "list"ed off his favorite 7"s of the year). I don't find the harm in such lists, in fact I love reading my favorite critics picks, and predicting how many magazines will laud over what (to me) is a fairly mediocre The National record.

So the programming here will change for the next few weeks. I will be pulling the fine-toothed comb through quite a hairy year of music. Not only will I keep you on edge, slowly leaking out the year's best records from 10-1 (imho), but I'll find some other worthy categories to indulge you with-- including 2007's "unheard" and "neglected" albums. As always, I encourage your comments as they pour. Please Pour. Regular rants and Made-Rite sandwiches will continue into the new year.

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verticalphil said...

i too, am making my list and checking it twice.