Glass Tiger vs. Cutting Crew

Big fan of what I like to call new-shiny post-pop, the slick, sophisitcate marshmallow fluff of band's like ABC and Simple Minds -- it was once a golden era but trugged on to pollute the 80's with one-hits and follow-up singles that only clogged the airwave's arteries. I'm a sucker for it, and I blame it all on experiences in adolescence atop a yellow bicycle or chasing tail at the Troy Pool. Nothing could top Janet's "The Pleasure Principle" in 90 degree August bake with a red Flavor-Ice. Children of the 80's were raised on Top 40 (Z93). Why else would Huey Lewis still be considered hip enough to be (ironically) square?

Anyways -- here's what's fascinated me the most -- those follow-up singles that have had zero lasting impact, but upon re-visiting them -- glints form in the eye's, tears might actually well-up, but for the most part, rememberance connects to some part of the past (and that moment is re-lived in the mind, like it or not). These were released to the wilds of pop radio, but failed to chart past a week or two. Let's not get too heavy, cause the subjects here were ladybug hucksters, purely not-worthy, both formed in Canada (but still possessing that one hit that keeps them around the history books). I suppose this challenge is more or less judging the shelf-life of 80's one-hits with their marginal second singles. Can you even tell these two apart?

Episode One: Cutting Crew vs. Glass Tiger

Cutting Crew - "Been in Love Before"


Glass Tiger - "Someday"


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Anonymous said...

Z93 spun some records at my sisters 14th b-day. Dayton motherfuuuuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!