Jay Hearts Cox (And Vice Versa)

Yelping about this single is pretty moot at this point, though I'm thrilled with the amount of incest going on in the underground these days. Yes, I finally got one of these, due to the snafu at Matador. It's really a beaut, pink and black split vinyl -- who they hiring for the articulate pressings over there?

The track listing for the eventual collection of these limited singles has been revealed, and it's kind of astonishing that Mr. Reatard's cover of "Fluorescent Grey" would be included. With number four, novelty is the key, though it appears as if Jay and Bradford (of Deerhunter) are engaged in a sparked romance. They must love each other enough to cover each other's songs. So what we have is Jay screeching through, what is perhaps, Deerhunter's most excellent burner before the forthcoming Microcastle, and in many ways ruining my first impressions of the song. He needs to get back to basics, or at least the weirdly profound streak he's been on. And the b-side is Mr. Cox actually giving a nice addition to "Oh, It's Such a Shame," by slowing it down, ridding it of the sharp edges, and getting it cooled and mellowed. Not as bad as first thought. Surely though, these singles and their concepts, were mapped out months ago. These aren't just imagined and recorded weeks before their release.

I'm officially hooked (as are thousands it seems) on this serial mode of collector scum bait. Number Five? Who knows? Thank god for the internet (or thee comp. that comes forth in September)

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