Beach Talk - The CDR Promo Drop

Do not hitch a ride to Austin, spend all your cash on drugs, and get left behind. You'll end up there for months before returning to Ohio. I've got worries about a bus full of Wash. Beach bands succumbing to the Xanadu that is SXSW and Texas in the spring. Some might not make it back the same/alive. Columbus Discount Record's artists in particular. The label's latest onslaught of singles proves there is no shortage of ether in this city.

Brief fumes:

El Jesus De Magico - LGNO (as fucked as them come. the title track may be their most realized song to date, with the cdr crew obviously fucking with this one to infinity, trails and trails of entrails dragged around the room.)

Necropolis - Song for the Working Man and Stumpf (one old, one new? now a sound all their own, jerking around with tricky rhythms and beautiful squeals, carving a road map into the black, tar-stained, abyss. Can I call it pop guys?)

Night of Pleasure - Night of Pleasure (pictured above, finally on wax, finally some recordings. makes you forget New Bomb Turks used to make great albums. very Destroy Oh-Boy but through darker alleyways.) Taste.

More on the Columbus Discount Showcase later. Till then, beg them to buy them.

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