SXSW 2007 - Obligatory Nod

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, well, they should be rocking your planet tomorrow. But unfortunately, defunct. Dusty White, a now-Columbus time-share holder, has been holing up in Los Angeles (a city I despise), to great avail. Though he is in the band fronted by the man pictured above, SeaWolf, he claims it is "COMPLETELY fucking different than ANYTHING" he's ever done before (and I'll take his approval based on the fact that he'll contest to Amon Dull's Yeti being the greatest album ever). They are playing at the Blender "Bar" at the Ritz first thing Wednesday night (8:00 p.m.), contrary to the recommendation of my last post.

But if we must get into semantics, Dusty is also the "quasi"-legendary guitarist of Freedom, a band, in essence, that you'll be yucking about three years from now.

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