Of This Moment - The Makes Nice

As of late, I have pretty much waned on the power pop and the bands associated with it or trying to revive it. Just feels like all the feeling has been sucked dry (Superdrag predicted it long ago), now icky things like the Decemberists and Ted Leo give pop a bad name. I'd much rather have JoJo considered pop, than that drivel. At the other end, I'm also tiring of those Hella associated rock jazzbos from the West Coast, those mathematic wanking beard that are considered virtuosos. Zappa was a well-trained charlatan. So it's a strong endorsement that I recommend The Makes Nice's Candy Wrapper and Twelve Other Songs. For one it's a product of ex-members of the Fucking Champs and, two, it's about the most power pop record I've heard in some time. Reminding me vividly of The Toms more sugary moments. For fans of Outrageous Cheery, Big Star, and the High Strung. Here's "Anna Karina".

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