Beach Talk - Deathly Fighter

What could be cheaper than the CD-R you might ask? Why, cassettes or course. Pawn shops across the land will soon find a sudden surge in the number of twin-dubbing-decks flying off the dusty shelves. In Columbus anyways, Deathly Fighter and their ultra-limited (mine says "One of Five") release of Natural Aggression has become an excuse to go magnetic for the time being.

The simplicity of the format matches perfectly with the minimalist ethics of the music. I've been trying to find a comparable reference, and have come up with nothing but Liquid Liquid on 33, perhaps even slower, even darker. Deep breaths and one continuous bassline dominate both sides, though the premium for the moment comes with Snake's electronic dabbling on the outskirts. As if constructing his own FM3 Buddha Box out of dumpster ghost corpse, covering it in black magic gauze, and soaking it in mummifying solvents. Grasping firmly to the dub aesthetics, without infinite delays, and the industrial throb-technicians, without scarring metal shards poking out. Wish there was some way, some how, you could hear this. I suggest begging for one, and then digging through the basement for that decaying boombox.

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