Guinea Worms Appreciation Week

The apex of Guinea Worms January re-birth was certainly the packed, Bobo boogie night with Detroit's Tyvek. Wil Foster was a fierce, determined frontman, especially when casting out his new defining mantra, "Box of Records", making it truth (w. Rep in tow) as the band pushed the club's sonics into the maroon.

I was provoked this weekend for the Nth time to bust open my vault of GW relics (cleverly titled CD-RS and on the cheap paper singles). It's very tempting to petition Columbus Discount into giving the green light and allowing Foster free reign over a whirlwind retrospective or better yet allowing the current incarnate have their way over a full slab of vinyl.

Here's a track from what I've dubbed the Goblet EP. "Drunk on the Plane" is from the whiskey influenced Wagner-Dancey days, all loose n' wiggly -- urgent n' wicked.

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Anonymous said...

Actually Drunk on the Plane was Gary, Danny, Will, Angela...post-Wagner

Good post