Givng into the (Television) Ghost

One must first realize Television Ghost are nearly Beach adoptees, playing the Boo Boo regularly and sniffing down the same pipeline with "the kids" (this new 12" boasts Matt Horseshit on boards at the Self-Esteem Studios and Kevin Failure as lone thanks), so they've got the chops to respectably vamp on the Pink Psychedelic Viking playbook. This is corrosive through and through, without any sunshine -- doused in gristle and division. Could be shitpop, but better known as loner punk with a scatterbrained, playful mindset.

When my brain bloods peak "Nodoz" and "Babel" cavort around Wire riffs with two left feet and three gnarly strings. "The Amputee" is time you'll never get back -- a modern reference might be the Chromatics Chrome Rats phase -- clunky, craggy notes strewn into a dank practice space. It all concludes with the giant "Long Talk," a locked sin-wave raped and pillaged with static beats and sexual frustration. WTF was Doug Mosurak thinking? (The same thing I was?) This kind of psyche-fuc and dis ordinance is exactly the reason I'll be spending plenty of sunshine in the cavern of Beerland.

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