The Kids are (Still) High (and Doing Alright)

Dear Blog,

You've been suffering from neglect. For that I apologize. Maybe the new job and the 70 hour work week is to blame, coupled with late nights scouring debate clips and finally diggin into the Japrocksampler (full report when I'm finished)....but dispatches from the road report the kids are alright on their magical mystery tour with the Super Furry Animals. Though Ron House's claim that they are my favorite band of all time is false, they are one of the most underrated and shape-shifting pop groups of the last 20 years. A live band that goes for spectacle and quadrophonic experience, with a catalog of gems to accent such grandiosity. Always steps ahead visually and sonically (check the Rings Around the World DVD) the trip-happy psych-lads from Wales have few peers.

Case in point, the low-key, doom/hope parallel on the mostly acoustic MNWG, their virtually long-lost Welsh-language album. I've often ranked RATW as their greatest triumph -- but MNWG has soaked in proper over the years, a profound enigma in black and white that perfectly contrasts a career of over-the-top technicolor. Only now have I started researching the lyrics' translations in English, btw they can be found here. Good luck in hunting this one down (as Flydadddy Records is no longer a label).

Here hoping this travelling imagination factory rubs off on the TNV camp.

"Hometown Unicorn" from the album Fuzzy Logic.

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