Ode to Bobby Trimble

If time allowed there would be adequate reviews of both Iron Curtain Innocence and Harvest of Dreams, but this is a plea to the public, to the organizers of the Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguwar/Dead Oceans showcase at SXSW. Please talk Mr. Bobb Trimble out of retirement (again if you count the one-off in November 2007). Discovering these two gems is another touchstone in my continuing journey obsessing over music. Imagine T. Rex or Roky Erickson being influenced by the Wizard of Oz and General Mills more than booze and horror. At the Freak Scene (covered in red carpet and wood paneling), where I've spent most of my time with these records is the perfect environment for his dreamy, woozy, desperate weeps. Heady and Airy equivalent.

I've seen Roky avoid total breakdown and comeback sounding like 1969, forget hermitage Mr. Trimble and show the crowds you made timeless music. So...I'm reserving myself to get mushy and completely under the skin of his work, and giving a heads up to those writers with better vocabularies to expound about Secretly Canadian's smart move in re-releasing him unto the world. A mob will eventually rule. We need more info on his backing band the Kidds (composed of actual kids) and the Crippled Dog Band (who recorded at least an album?) and whatever might be lurking in Trimble's archives. The mob will eventually rule.

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