Diplo Was a Madhouse

I know. Too Much Diplo in this last month. Still the Grammy Nominated "artist" made his way to Columbus for the first time since opening for RJD2 when he was hyping Florida (holds up years later). In that time he's risen to the mainstream while maintaining the original integrity he began with. His credits are numerous, but on this night he, like his stints in Austin as Major Lazer, continued to set the house on fire. There was certainly an altbro presence, as you will likely receive from now on in a post-Girl Talk, "i was there," hipster runoff, "party blog," universe (I'm somewhat guilty of getting in his face -- we go way back), but he seemed quite humbled by the response of the crowd. He mixed old with new, tried "baile funk" quick hits with Diplomats hometown shots, simply screwing with his equipment to numerous wave crests. This is modern ethno-musicology, the Harry Smith of his time (believe it or not). I'll argue till I'm purple in the face to my scum-rock loving peers how this simple DJ is an artist. Beware. With the recent merger of Fool's Gold/Downtown/Mad Decent this will be your children's future, like it or not.

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