Times New Viking Play Record Store Day

I'm beginning to think that Record Store Day is quickly becoming my favorite holiday. An excuse to dig through every pile of records they can fit into Used Kids and spend way too much money on those (sometimes) brilliant Record Store Day exclusives (which I see getting better and better in years to come). Vinyl's back, so they say. It never left, right? I'm also pretty psyched at how apeshit Matador gets about the event. That Pavement live record is amazing, thank you. Now I'm just waiting for the Bettie Seveert - Palomine re-ish. Columbus did not do me wrong in the slightest. It's good to live in a city that knows how to celebrate properly. My grabs from the dollar bin:

Out the year I was born. This may have been the first cassette I could say I owned. That cover always freaked me out.

Should've taken Mark Van Fleet's advice -- nothing stacks up to City to City.

For my Poolside pile. Self-explanatory.

Another brick in my obsession with owning all Jackson family vinyl from Off the Wall to Dangerous. Any Marlon owners out there?

Cause you can never have enough Prince on vinyl. His b-sides were as good as his a-sides, even up to this point and beyond. Here it's "Girls and Boys."

In memoriam to missing Fleetwood Mac at Nationwide Arena last night. Plus I don't own any Stevie, only Lindsey.

Not for "Lean on Me," but for the Luniz' sampled "Why You Wanna' Treat Me So Bad." Perfect proto-New Jack swing/Poolside addition. Wicked cover.

Then Times New Viking dazzled the crowd with a short set of almost all new songs. Squeezing in "Devo and Wine" and "(I Love My) Natural Resources" as a bonus. Enjoy. And apologies for the shady technology -- one day I'll get a proper workstation for this site.

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Anonymous said...

haha I was standing right next to you when you took this...good set