Circuit des Yeux/Cro-Magnon = World Domination

Today over at the Agit-Reader, I used this week's Primitive Futures column to fawn over the new Circuit des Yeux album on De Stijl and the 7" just released on Dull Knife. These are two records that work quite well in tandem by exploring all sides of Haley Fohr's warped sense of creation. Given that I wasn't the biggest fan of her debut, Symphone, her latest, Sirenum, is all that more powerful by simultaneously creeping the hell out of me (her vox) and blowing me away (her sonics). Such a leap forward. So please go read the review. Then use these links to go buy the records. And if you find yourself in Columbus on Monday night, go see her band Cro-Magnon live at Bourbon Street. Psychedelic Horseshit, Deathly Fighter, and should'a been Band to Watch, Fey Gods round out an excuse to have a Tuesday hangover.

Cro-Magnon are devastating live. Here's proof:

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