Huntington Park is a Gem

Infrequent posts? I’ve been enjoying my summer and the lower-than-average temperatures the Ohio weather has provided. I began my Independence Day weekend with my first trip to Huntington Park – besides the arena (I despise hockey) it’s the crown jewel of the Arena District. First of all, it’s perfectly located (though I would have preferred it along the river or in the Brewery District) at least within this neighborhood, with very easy access on and off the interstate, as not to brush up against the frog-bear white collared crowd. For future Clippers games, I can simply check-in and check-out. And when there is traffic, I’ll just lament Cooper Stadium and the absolute isolation that field battled with our suburban folk. With Huntington Park everything’s “safe,” everything’s shiny and new, and for me there’s nothing wrong with comfort.

It seemed from the time we entered, there were multiple spots to view the game, not just your standard “sections” and “bleachers,” but benches perched in odd, but high enough to see, locations, a grassy knoll in the outfield, a Roosters standing room only bar, even views from the exit where those who didn’t choose to buy a ticket could watch. And within those “reserved” sections it appeared the field was designed with maximum sight lines. We say in Section Two, down the right field line, and were angled for a perfect shot of home plate and the scoreboard. It reminded me quite a bit of Dayton’s Fifth Third Field, but on a larger scale, with PLENTY of food stands (dogs on pretzel buns, elephant ear fries, local brew in big cups) and ephemera to attract the bored children – you could even leave to smoke and come back. All of these luxuries seem to be non-existent from both big league parks in our immediate vicinity.

As for the game – I’ve always been a hometown Clippers fan, even when they were the Yankees. I’m still a fan of the Clippers, even if they are the Indians (Ohio pride I suppose), but will refuse to root when the Louisville Bats are in town. This contest was indeed a titanic struggle for the Toledo Mudhens, who gave up 8 runs in the first and were unable to recover till the end. The amazing thing is, even with the smack down the Clippers provided there was enough to amuse our posse in the stadium to keep us there till the end. Fireworks would’ve been nice, but the ketchup, mustard, relish race had to suffice.

I’ll be back.

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you're damn right it is, chief.