Wrapping Heads Around Oneida's Rated O

Not exactly sure what to call the fans of Oneida? Is there a word that defines us? Those who, no matter how lackluster an Oneida album may be(i.e. Secret Wars), cling to every release as if it's psychedelic treasure. Finally had to the chance to talk with the band and see them live last summer at the fabulously surreal Terrastock in Louisville -- all that time waiting for this bomb to drop. They've been talking about Rated O for years, maybe as far back as their last extended album, Each One, Teach One. Rated O was released this week. Here's my review. I'm completely under the impression that haven't had nearly enough time with this monster. I mean, c'mon, it's six sides of music. Even the excellent review over at Dusted had some reservations about the scope and size of this thing. It will take much more time to fully digest, and it will also take the effort to put in the time to digest -- a feat many casual fans of the band will likely not possess. Does this mean Rated O is indulgent or already a misunderstood masterpiece of psychedelia? Dusted has even gone as far as debating/second-guessing their review with Kid Millions of the band. It makes for an interesting perspective and I'm irked I didn't think of a column like this first. Go buy this.

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