Fast Life Yungstaz Y'all and the State of Pop Culture

Disclaimer: In order to truly enjoy this post, it will be necessary to click on all links, in proper order, and likely (if you're at work) you'll need headphones.

So far, it has been a summer of discovering monstrosities in all shapes, sizes, genders, and colors. Have you witnessed Brokencyde yet? Did you see how Aquarius made it an album of the week? Or what about the Millionaires? I'm sure their fathers are proud (or dead/beats). And lastly, the crabcore brilliance of Columbus' pride and joy, Attack, Attack. Still, the train-wreck value is priceless, much like my obsession with the Secret Life of the American Teenager and slight fanaticism for those VH1 dating shows (Who's gonna' get Daisy's heart?) I can't stop digging for more pop culture trash. It's as if Idiocracy is happening right now, fuck 50 years down the road. But really.....we've had "trash" for a while...

I'm not exactly sure where F.L.Y., AKA the Fast Life Yungstaz fit into this spectrum. They've got a lot of things going for them. First -- they're from the South, Decatur, GA to be specific, sothere's that durty durty swagger in their walk and talk. Secondly -- they also appear to be blipsters more than cash money millionaires, check out the clothes they stole from Kanye's walk-in closet. And last but not least, my favorite attribute, they apparently know all to well about the latest beach craze sweeping indie rock. Search for "Party Time" and listen to them rap "totally gnarly" with "Chris Farley," or how they'll "ride the waves" and how it's "freakin' awesome dude," or how about a little "cowabunga" for good measure. For the trivia nerds "cowabunga" actually originated from an Indian with a mustache on the Howdy Doody Show (later adopted by surfers and of course Bart Simpson).

Once you get past the ignorant/hyper-ironic juxtaposition of Southern hip-hop and surf wax jargon, the music is quite intriguing mixing music box melodies with what sounds like a Nintendo sound card melted by the Georgia sun. These guys have promise once a Diplo remix drops. So, the question is, are F.L.Y. prescient of a new trend in hip-hop? Is the age of Beach Rap upon us? I mean the Shop Boyz did take things to a rock star extreme last summer, but this goes beyond that. The Yungstaz have even created their own dance, Swagg Surfing, which imitates, well, you guessed it....

And just so you know...I invented the "Whisper Rap" and want my money Ying Yang twins.

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