Diggin' in the (???) - Mutant Sounds

Being addicted to downloading ain't easy. Everyday there are new sites/blogs popping up, linking the voracious collector to endless libraries of new music. It's literally at my fingertips, it's overwhelming. But where does one go when the latest Chemical Brother's leak just won't do? Lately Mutant Sounds has curbed my eventual slide into a crystal meth binge (joking, mom). My brother (or was it Dusty) clued me into this guy who has much more time than the average human to digitize his entire collection. I have yet to see an album on here that I recognize (even the references are out of my range). The only problem being, there are not enough hours in the day to experience it all. Mutant Sounds needs a separate blog to filter through it's endless listening pile (If you're reading this, I'll help); a greatest hits if you will (cause be warned, much of this is lost for a reason). Here are a few gems found in the past week:

Daminhao - (pictured above) Dig deep with this one, many links to learn more. There are some that suspect this to be an elaborate ploy, but Brazil's answer to Jim Shepard may have just saved my life. Exotic psych insanity.

Ballistic Kisses - Devo (the dog and the band) had great impact on our Earth. Hopeless/Ambitious broke, musicians, from NYC, trying to emulate a sound birthed in Akron,Oh, is both hilarious and stunning.

Freshly Wrapped Candies - One of the most highly recommended albums on the site, and as fractured and "pop" as the description claims.

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