Video Ventures - Real Life

Yes. The VV section is always a lazy excuse just to post something. It's not particularly pressing or vital information (but what is on this site). I've recently been caught up in the new Chromeo disc, lamenting the street-funk of the 80's, so it's been a strange coincidence that I keep hearing Real Life's "Send Me an Angel" in various locations (my work, a local high school, the quickie mart). Not that it's street-funk, it's one-hit (knife-hit), new-romantic, post-pop. By an Australian band no less. The sick thing, is every time I hear it, I'm reminded of the Lori Laughlin (you may remember her as Jon Stamos' wife on Full House) driven vehicle, Rad. So I found it fitting to track down the pre-coital BMX make-out scene (try to spot the evil twins from COBRA) in which this song is featured (three years after the single was released).

I was 10. Rad was...well...rad. And it has yet to have a proper DVD release. Criterion? Hal Needham did also direct Cannonball Run and Stroker Ace.

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Doug said...

god you have such a weirdly strong memory...
i too have been running into this song, and was actually just wondering who the hell did it. now i know.
and yes, rad needs reissued.